Current Projects

AeroVision likes to stay active. Currently, our experts are actively working on the following projects:

ICC-Regio Schiphol (2009-present)

“Reliable annual supply of aerial photos”
A problem which occurs at multiple organisations, but cannot be solved independently. That was the reason for setting up a partnership between approx. 60 governmental organisations in the Randstad. Collectively, the problem of a reliable annual supply of aerial photos could be resolved. The demand parties (mostly municipalities), suppliers and regulatory parties in government are brought together. Together they have been working on a solution that has been active since 2009 as the Informatie- en Coördinatiecentrum Regio Schiphol Bevlogen (abbreviated ICC). Aimed at a high degree of delivery assurance, the vertical aerial photo is being tendered to the market every year. Now, municipalities and other ICC organisations have annual access to aerial photos, allowing them to update the legal topgraphical key registrations.

The ICC cooperation has also led to bringing together of knowledge between the organisations of the various participants and the renewal of the common knowledge of geo-information from research institutions and market participants. Furthermore, the joint procurement has been extended by follow-up processes and products on the acquisition of aerial photos. Currently they are working on the joint procurement of the management of the Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie (BGT). The first pilot is successful.

BIOSCOPE (2015-present)

“Scaling up in agriculture”
Farmers have an individual need for timely and regular delivery of crop and plot information, but individually the farmers cannot arrange this financially. Businesses focusses on the different aspects of this need and cannot meet this demand individually. By bringing together the demand of individual farmers and letting the market work together – each with their own expertise – it becomes possible to still create an attractive business case for both farmers and suppliers. BIOSCOPE is working on this unique form of collaboration and scaling up in agriculture. By the application of various obtainment methods (satellite in combination with drones or airplanes), the farmer is offered a guaranteed delivery time for his crop and plot information.

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