Our Expertise

In the past few years, we have helped many organisations to be more effective. We have achieved this by making more ánd better use - in their decision-making processes - of the information in the organisation, especially the geo-information. The management processes also benefit from a more harmonized geo-information supply. And, probably the most important change, thanks to the unifying geo-information factor, the different disciplines know where to find each other.

By being temporarily active in an organisation, or through a masterclass, we share our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with the employees and management. We accomplish interaction between the organisational units that do not yet use each other’s knowledge and information, but do need each other.

AeroVision offers a professional procurement guidance of (geo-)information for different purposes. This is reinforced by our current knowledge of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice and various courts in the Netherlands and our knowledge about the effects of the EU directives which they are based on.

The expertise of our experts:
- Involved
- Results-oriented
- Connecting
- Providing creative solutions
- Eye for all players in the field
- Respect for all interests
- Translation of knowledge into practical application
- Mapping user preferences

Are you wondering how we can support your organisation effectively? Feel free to contact us via 033-7370165.