AeroVision is an independent procurement advisor of (geo-)information.

With our knowledge and experience, we support organisations during the procurement process of geo-information related data or software (mainly). We help our customer to make the deployment of geo-information in decision-making more effective. For each customer request, our experts find the right offer.

Our services will answer the following questions for you:
(1) How do you ask what you need?
(2) How do you get what you asked for?
(3) How do you use what you have got?

With our knowledge and expertise we can control a team independently, yet strongly involved and a fresh vision, and achieve results. Our experts help organisations to innovate and to implement this into the daily work environment. All stakeholders remain involved in this process. After all, they have an interest in the outcome.

AeroVision brings people together
Bringing people together for a common issue gives a lot of energy and usually leads to solution oriented actions. We always search for participants who we can approach from different angles of the issue: from their role, their knowledge or their experience. We also bring together the market, the supply, suppliers and users, customers and clients. This effective approach results in a fresh an often innovative view on the issue, problem or ambition. The user is always included, but we encourage him to look at the requirements with an open mind.

Are you wondering how we can support your organisation effectively? Feel free to contact us via +31 (0)33-7370165.