Since December 2017 the CAPIGI Foundation has been established to build a strong community where we can build a bridge and bring together the different stakeholders; Government, Industry, Sector & Research.

We want to connect people from these stakeholder groups to discuss the application of geospatial data and systems in agriculture. CAPIGI’s goal is  to stimulate discussions and networking . These stakeholder groups do not often or easily meet, therefor CAPIGI wants to create a community where all different stakeholder groups can come together.

Sharing knowledge from different groups is of high importance to create new ideas, come to new innovations and solutions for difficult problems in the AG sector. The goals of the foundation in short are;
o             To bring together government, industry, research & ag sector;
o             To stimulate discussions and sharing knowledge in order to create new innovations and solutions;
o             To create awareness of the problems within the agricultural sector and to show how important geo-information is in solving these issues;
o             To inspire each other;
o             To create interactive conferences, workshops and meetings.

What is the role of AeroVision within this project?
As part of the board, AeroVision contributes by sharing knowledge and expertise with the network. The board consists of different stakeholders who all have different views on certain issues. Together the board aims to build a solid community where the goals can be realized.

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