More and more household flows are collected separately, which means that municipalities and their implementing organisations are increasingly relying on the flexible deployment of people and resources. Everything must be done more efficiently and cheaper. This requires smart demand-driven navigation systems, with up-to-date, accurate information. Together with the waste companies Meerlanden, ROVA, Omrin, the municipalities of Amersfoort and Haarlemmermeer and three commercial parties, a feasibility study was started last year. In addition to waste collection, two other promising themes were identified in which satellite data can have an added value: public green space (leaf growth and vitality) and anti-slip measures. For example, satellites that monitor the leaf growth and vitality of trees. Inspecting such images in advance can provide more targeted management for the green service. Users will soon be able to make other considerations and achieve efficiency benefits without having to neglect the basic service or fail to meet an essential theme such as safety.

What is the role of AeroVision in this project?
Together with Tech company Jewel and TerraSphere, we are responding to the current needs of the municipalities. Current satellite data can be applied to multiple questions and for different cities. This involves real-time information in addition to existing static maps that many companies and government organizations already work with but do not use fully effectively.

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