• Reliable information for better decisions

    The municipal goverment of Velsen improved the structure of how decisions are made, followed by a reduction of their operational costs. Together with AeroVision Velsen was able to re-design their information policy and work process.

  • Network of experts active in agriculture

    The Community on Agricultural Policy Implementation and Geo-Information (CAPIGI) brings together governments, industry and research to discuss the impact of geo-information in implementing agricultural policy.

  • Annual aerial imagery for Schiphol area

    Governmental organisations use aerial imagery for decision support. This enables a more effective and effecient way of working. It is difficult to obtain an annual update due to the high number of air operations in the Schiphol area. Cooperation between more than 60 organisations increase opportunities. Read more...

  • Improved crop information through UAV

    Regardless of weather UAVs provides crop monitoring to ensure optimization and cost savings. Based on user requirements and together with the project partners, AeroVision inventoried the need for information to achieve this. Read more...

  • AeroVision connects

    Bringing people together around a common issue gives a lot of energy and usually leads to solution-oriented actions.

Welcome to AeroVision

AeroVision is an independent procurement advisor of (geo-)information. With our knowledge and experience, we support organisations during the procurement process of geo-information related data or software (mainly). We help our customer to make the deployment of geo-information in decision-making more effective. For each customer request, our experts find the right offer.

Our services will answer the following questions for you:
(1) How do you ask what you need?
(2) How do you get what you asked for?
(3) How do you use what you have got?

Actualities & News

May04AeroVision starts collaboration with Dutch farmers organisation

May 2019

AeroVision collaborates with Dutch farmers organisation  LTO Bedrijven  to boost its innovative geospatial startup BioScope. LTO Bedrijven is a joint business activity of the three regional dutch fa...
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March 2019

Remote Sensing has gone through an enormous transition in recent years: Copernicus - the European Earth observation program - delivers high quality data with high frequency and as open data. Especia...
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Mar04GreenPatrol Newsletter; Midterm review in April 2019

March 2019

GreenPatrol is a European precision farming project aiming at developing an innovative and efficient robotic solution for Integrated Pest Management in Greenhouses. The goal of the GreenPatrol projec...
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