AeroVision guides you through the procurement of (geo-)information.

Together with the user, we look ahead to possible solutions, both in the existing market as well as in innovative research. But we especially look back at the actual problem, issue or ambition. To discover the question behind the question. And if it has already been discovered, we can help you transform that question in such a way which ensures market players to know exactly what they have to deliver.

Procurement guidance is more than following a procedure. The procurement of geo-information (data, software and personnel) requires a good translation of the use requirements to product specifications, knowledge of what the market can supply and innovations, a smart approach to save costs where possible, seek common interests and a professional guidance of the delivery process. Furthermore, the assessment of which data matches the demand and its usability and quality has our and thus your attention, whether it is new data to be obtained, publicly available data or other accessible sensor data. All with the aim of “getting what you asked for”.

Other services
Besides strategic procurement guidance, we also offer:
- Consulting
- Benchmarking
- Programme- and project management
- Process management and coordination
- Masterclasses

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