Our Method

Our project consultants won’t tell organisations “this is good for you”. We prefer to listen and find out the question behind the question in order to get to the roots of the problem, wish of challenge. In this way, the customer will gain insight into what it takes to actually fix the problem or realise the ideas.

These are questions and ambitions about:
- Creating visibility of geo-information in the organisation
- Application for and the management of Smart City ambitions
- Smart and strategic sourcing of the correct geo-information

It is possible that an organisation has already examined the question and formulated the use requirements. In this case, our effort will mostly focus on a smart and strategic translation for the procurement process and a responsible choice of supplier. Obviously, we gladly go through the use requirements first, to make sure we find the solution for the right purpose.

AeroVision’s place is therefore not on the opposite site of the customer, but right next to the customer. This requires a relationship of trust between the advisor and customer. But this also requires an entrepreneurial, professional and confidential relationship between the AeroVision project consultants themselves.

Are you wondering how we can support your organisation effectively? Feel free to contact us via 033-7370165.