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Climate-smart city Copernicus hackathon great success, with great results!
Created by AV-algemeen on 10/19/2020 1:26:02 PM

From 7 until the 13th of October AeroVision organised together with Copernicus the ”Climate-smart city Copernicus hackathon”. The theme of the Hackathon was “The State of Your City: Using satellite imagery to explore climate-smart city questions”. The event took place online with exciting cases and presentations from different experts such as Anniek Schouten from Overstory, Lammert Kooistra and Gert-Jan Steeneveld from the Wageningen University and Valentijn Venus from Ramani BV. The municipalities who joined the hackathon with a case where Amersfoort, Zwolle, Gent (BE) and Velsen.

We had the pleasure to host the hackathon for 23 participants who teamed up in 6 different teams.  The outcome of all teams were very inspiring and creative. On the final day the Mayor of the City of Amersfoort Mr. Lucas Bolsius joined to present the award. 

The winner of the hackathon was Team Dieleine. This team explored possibilities regarding the combination of the SensHagen (Zwolle) citizen science pilot project and satellite data. Specific interest was given to: evaluating if air quality data measured by citizens could be used as ground truth for satellite data, if the pilot could be scaled to cover the whole municipality by using satellite data, making predictions of future NO2 levels, and conceptualising a mobile application to make this data open for the public.

The second place went to team “The Green Machine” - addressing the case of Amersfoort in making the city green. They presented how satellite data can be used to determine suitable rooftops with the use of Sentinel Hub. 

The third place went to “Team One”. Team One worked on the Heat Island effect of the Gent case and showed concrete results of time series analysis with satellite data, which is the essence also of the Copernicus programme.

All winning teams won a cash prize and the first prize also got the opportunity to participate in the Copernicus Accelerator - A 12 month tailor-made coaching programme - and a one year subscription to the Sentinel hub offered by Sinergise. All three winners also get a chance to pitch their result at the ICC Regio Schiphol bevlogen conference.

We would like to thank all our case owners, experts and of course the participants for a wonderful week of hacking and all the input and effort that has been made!